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Forgetting any ancestors is like a river without a source or a tree without roots.

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I am KULVRIKSH. I was in the past, am in the present and will be in the future.

Every individual has a history which should be remembered and documented. We at KULVRIKSH understand the importance of family and helps you build your family tree and connect your past, present and future. Just like a tree, the roots help the trunk and the branches grow, similarly ancestors are our roots, the roots where we came from which makes us who we are. Knowing our roots help us understand our family better.

Every family has a story, hence having a family tree encourages the newer generation to get acquantianted with their ancestors to know their stories and understand their origin.

Families are the most important part of our lives and we at KULVRIKSH are dedicated towards connecting your families across generations.

Family Tree

KULVRIKSH offers its users a family tree template - featuring multiple tree, chart views, timeline, various mapping tools and excess online records.

Find Your Family

Bring to life your family’s history by exploring the lives of those that came before you with the help of KULVRIKSH map, Ancestors search and KULVRIKSH matches.


Save your Records

Help you save names, dates, photos, videos, biography, family events and various conversations


Find your family in the
world’s largest shared KULVRIKSH.

We have over a billion unique profiles in our tree and growing.
See what others have contributed about your ancestors.

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KULVRIKSH Documentary


Make a family tree and follow the leaves of each branch to find out more about your family. Add names, dates, photos and stories and share with your family.

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The KULVRIKSH app connects you with your ancestors, wherever you are.

Take your ancestors with you. With the KULVRIKSH app, you can quickly add the details of your family story, wherever you find them.

connects you with your ancestors

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