Every Family Has a History. What's Yours?

We research and you enjoy the discoveries

Our company has been discovering family history for a decade as a legacy. We search the world for your answers. Find the un –findable. We are experts right from tracking down your past up to analyzing DNA results.

Genealogy Research Services

Don’t assume that the lives of your ancestors are lost. Evidence of people have their presence somewhere and discoverable.

All that you need to do is to let us know your goals, budget and schedule. We want to hear all of the above and then dig in and start finding answers for you.

Our Genealogy Packages

  • In-depth Research & Analysis
  • Detailed Report
  • Documents & Pedigree Charts
  • Research Documentary ( Vodcast & Podcast )
  • Research Book
  • Flexible Payments Options

Ready to Discover Your Story?

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